DELIGHT-601-5 Pleaser Sexy Shoes 6 Inch Heel Slip on Shoes with Rhinestones-Platforms (Exotic Dancing)-Pleaser-7 uk (40 Europe - 10 Usa)-Clear/ Clear-Miss Hollywood Sexy Shoes

DELIGHT-601-5 Pleaser Sexy Shoes 6 Inch High Heels Slip on Shoes with Rhinestones

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DELIGHT-601-5 Sexy Strippers Shoes - Pleaser Sexy Shoes with a 6 Inch High (15.25cm) Heels and a 1 3/4 Inch (4.5cm) Platform, features Clear Uppers Slide Slip on Shoes with Rhinestone Ornament detailing on front by Pleaser Shoes.

Heel Height/Platform: 6" Heel, 1 3/4" Platform

Colour Available: Clear

Sexy Footwear Manufactured by Pleaser Shoes Usa